Summer is B(l)ack !

Good evening lovelies,

I hope you’ve read my last post on summer fashion and already updated ditched your jeans for some really comfy culottes. Okay, so we’ve all read articles and got a lot of advice on how black might potentially be the worst color for summers. But hey, I’ll give up on black only when they invent a sexier color.

That being said, comfort is also an absolute necessity and keeping my love for black and the need for a high comfort quotient in mind, my favorite is this amazingly stylish black Kurti from Pantaloons and guess what, if you don’t really love black you could buy these kurtis in so many pretty colors – red, yellow, green and so much more. That’s definitely something you all must have been looking for.

And of course, the question that’s very obvious – How will you style a plain black Kurti to stand out from the rest ?  Well, I’ve got your back. All you need to do is put on some silver statement earrings and of course your favorite black kohl and some lip balm for a look that’s stunning and yet incredibly comfortable.For an evening look, team up your kurti with a tribal neckpiece and turn heads everywhere you go.20180401_195431.png

Go give a high five to black this summer and stun everyone with a kurti that’s basic for them but oh-so-sexy on you. I’ll be back with more beauty bites soon. Till then, stay stylishly comfortable.




Sexy Summers !

Hello lovelies,

It’s been quite some time since I’ve given you a fresh beauty bite but hey, it’s just that I’m yet to understand how to balance college and blogging on a regular basis. You might be expecting a post on how to keep it super-sexy this summer and hey, here you go.

With the mercury rising up every day, I’m sure you don’t want the sun to be the only one who is hot, right ? Well, girlies – I’ll be posting a lot on how to look your sexiest this summer but of course, keeping it comfortable will definitely be our summer-promise.

The first summer bite I have for you guys is on how to welcome some cute culottes to your wardrobe. We all know how much we love our denims. From skinny jeans to ripped denims and boyfriend jeans, we sure swear by them but this summer, take a break from your favorite jeans and T-shirt look, and say goodbye to the scorching heat in a pair of comfy culottes that are oh-so-cute and of course, amazingly breezy and comfortable. And guess what’s the best part ? You can rock these with almost any top in your wardrobe. Pair it with a sleeveless crop top to keep it simple yet sexy or you could also team it up with a basic full-sleeve top to keep your arms tan-free. Another fun way to style these cutesies is by pairing  pop-colored culottes with a basic white shirt. And guess what, you could team these up with your comfy flats or style it up with your favorite heels. What more could we ask for ?

Still confused on how to make the perfect pairing of culottes and a cute top ?

Take a cue from this picture below and hey, another great thing is that you could get both these Textured Solid Culottes and the Printed Sleeveless Crop Top from one store and of course, that’s my summer-favorite Max Fashion.

That’s all on my first summer bite, sweeties. I hope you guys welcome some cute culottes to your wardrobe and team it up with pretty tops to keep it comfortably chic, everywhere you go.



Uncelebrate Women’s Day

I don’t know how many of you have thought about this, but as a child, I had always envied birds and butterflies for their ability to fly because human beings, are somehow entirely convinced that they do not have wings on their backs.
But everything on the journey of life will teach you otherwise. Life itself paints two wonderful wings right after we’re born. For the wing of love, there’s always a wing of abhorrence. For the wing of honor, there is shame. For the wing of pain, there is healing. For the wing of hurt, there’s forgiveness. For the wing of benevolence, there’s always spite. For the wing of pride, there is humility. For the wing of calm, there is always turbulence.
But the society has always conditioned women to possess only one wing throughout their lives. And can we really blame only the men in our families for trying to clip our wings ?
 My mother has taught me how anger is not something a girl should possess. My grandmother has told me how women are not supposed to be stubborn. And so many other female members of this society have given me guide books on how to be the woman that fits the patriarchal environment perfectly.
The patriarchy is so deep-rooted that women, unknowingly, are also its flag-bearers and this society only accepts women with one wing on their backs.
But a bird with a single wing is crippled.
A butterfly with a single wing is hamstrung.
How do we expect a young girl with one wing chopped off, to grow up into being an empowered woman ?
And yes,
we do not need a Women’s Day to grow our wings back. We need women who will stand by us and paint wings whenever we lose one. The only thing this society fears more than a woman is women who support each other.
Uncelebrate Women’s Day. We do not need a day, given as a freebie, to believe in ourselves. We already know how high we can fly.


Hello sweeties,

Thank you for reading my previous post. Hugs and kisses to you all.  And I really hope you guys are as excited to get The Beauty Bug’s first bite as I am to turn Shoepid( that’s actually better than Cupid ) for you lovelies.

Wondering what that title might mean ? Well, ‘shoepidity’ is the act of wearing extremely uncomfortable shoes just because they look pretty. And while we all have had our own shares of shoepidity on several occasions, this summer say No to Shoepidity and give a warm,warm hug to some fabulous flats.

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”

– Christian Loubotin

We couldn’t agree more, right sweeties ?

But this season, don’t wait for all the glam and glitzy heels to take away your comfort; and instead, fall in love with the super comfy and cute flats that won’t bite your feet all day long.

My first favorite for this summer is the Catwalk Blue Beaded Open Toe Flats that are perfect for channeling out your boho-chic factor. It’s wonderfully comfortable and looks gorgeous with almost anything. Pair it with a short summer dress for a lunch date with your bae or team it up with a cute top and skinny jeans to wow your gang of girls at a brunch party.

My second favorite is the INC.5 Textured Shimmery T-Strap Flats that’s available in two pretty shades — Gold and Silver. This one wins the deal with its simplicity and comfort, and its a must-have in your shoe-drobe this summer. (I’m already wearing this to work everyday.)

That’s all on my first bite, lovelies. Treat your feet to the comfort of stylish flats and thank me later. 😉

Love to you all,






The magic of beginnings

“We’ve been cold for far too long.”, sighed the little trees.

“So let there be spring.”, whispered Nature.

Just like the earth knows when it’s time to break into spring, the human soul too has its own way of knowing when it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

There are days when the wings on your back feel too heavy to be carried around and you finally know it’s time to spread your wings and fly. It’s finally time to do whatever it takes to touch the sky.

And in search of my soul’s spring, today I know it’s time to jump off the cliff and build my wings as I fly.

– Anwesha20180302_181643