As much as I hate the scorching heat, there’s one thing about summers that I absolutely love. The cool range of fashion choices that summer brings makes it my favorite fashion-season. Sleeveless, off-shoulders, one-shoulders, halter-necks, cold-shoulders and so many chic options to style yourself up every day. And the best part about these trends is that they are never out of fashion !

Wait, there is another thing that I love about summers. Guess what ?

Beaches. The sand, the sun, and the waves. What’s not to love, right ?

While on a beach vacay, there are two things you should never forget. First, invest on a nice sunscreen that suits your skin and isn’t too heavy and second, keep your style effortlessly sexy. The key to effortless beach fashion is to keep everything minimal and make comfort a priority.

My ideal vacay outfit on a beach is hot pants teamed with a halter-neck or an off-shoulder top. With the perfect hot pants, you can not only be super-comfortable while walking along the beach, you can also show off those toned legs and amp up the sexiness. Pair it with your favorite summer top and make the beach your runway. Another essential on any summer holiday is a pair of sunglasses that can totally transform a basic look to a very cool one. Keep your hair open or tie it in a bun and don’t forget to put on a cute slipper. And this is all you need to do to look like a beach-diva and wow your friends with your #beachvacay selfies. Go ahead and get stylish.





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