While monsoon might be the best season to enjoy coffee and binge watch your favorite TV series sitting inside a pillow-palace, our shoes definitely don’t like the rains. And why would they ? With all the puddles on streets and water almost everywhere from roads to buses and cabs, our shoes really go through a lot during the rains. And then we end up with some really sticky mud, sand and water on our pretty ballerinas and comfy sneakers. Not just that, the moisture gives rise to a pungent odour and the insides of your favorite shoe could even start to decay.

Now, there must be a way to save our sole-mates right ? So here’s a few hacks that I have really tried and got wonderful results.

  • Rub off the dirt

Your shoe accumulates a lot of mud and since it’s pretty sticky, take a piece of cloth and wipe off the mud as soon as you reach home. If the shoe you’re cleaning has laces, take the lace out of the shoe and clean separately.

  • Don’t forget to dry

After rubbing off the mud on your shoe, keep your shoes in some airy space or under a fan until it dries off completely. Once the shoe is dry, the remaining sand or dirt will fall off. Don’t keep your shoe in an air-conditioned room to let it dry. The AC helps the moisture set in. And also, do not use heat to dry your shoes.

  • Store your shoe properly

Once the shoe is dry and the dirt has been removed, do not put it inside a plastic bag or a closed box. Keep it in an airy, open rack or the insides could start to decay.

  • Get rid of the smell

The moisture makes your shoes humid and smelly. Say bye-bye to the smell by keeping some baking soda inside the shoe, for some time. Throw it out later and your shoes will be as fresh as new.

These are definitely some great hacks to keep your shoes intact during monsoon but hey, waterproof shoes are a must-have for all of us. And now since you can have waterproof ballerinas, flats, peep-toes and wedges, you’ll never have to worry about being out of fashion even while you’re walking over puddles. I got this rain-buddy from a Lifestyle store at an unbelievably low price, and it is so comfortable and pretty. Go and get one for yourself, lovelies.




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