Well, I know the title isn’t one of the most interesting titles one could come up with but tell me something. Is there really a word that could match up to the magic of this city, except its own name itself ?

This post really comes after a very long time, but I think I needed this time to really figure out a lot of things going on in my life. This is a fashion blog,yes, but isn’t fashion an expression of who we are, what we love and what our souls are made up of !

So not only have I walked through my own mind lanes in the past couple of months, I have also walked through and found pieces of myself in these secluded and antiquated lanes of Kolkata. I couldn’t take you with me, but hey, if pictures can convey emotions, here they are.

I hope you take some time out too, from whatever you’re doing and just hit the Pause button for a while and go walking down the streets, walking down your mind !




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