Uncelebrate Women’s Day

I don’t know how many of you have thought about this, but as a child, I had always envied birds and butterflies for their ability to fly because human beings, are somehow entirely convinced that they do not have wings on their backs.
But everything on the journey of life will teach you otherwise. Life itself paints two wonderful wings right after we’re born. For the wing of love, there’s always a wing of abhorrence. For the wing of honor, there is shame. For the wing of pain, there is healing. For the wing of hurt, there’s forgiveness. For the wing of benevolence, there’s always spite. For the wing of pride, there is humility. For the wing of calm, there is always turbulence.
But the society has always conditioned women to possess only one wing throughout their lives. And can we really blame only the men in our families for trying to clip our wings ?
 My mother has taught me how anger is not something a girl should possess. My grandmother has told me how women are not supposed to be stubborn. And so many other female members of this society have given me guide books on how to be the woman that fits the patriarchal environment perfectly.
The patriarchy is so deep-rooted that women, unknowingly, are also its flag-bearers and this society only accepts women with one wing on their backs.
But a bird with a single wing is crippled.
A butterfly with a single wing is hamstrung.
How do we expect a young girl with one wing chopped off, to grow up into being an empowered woman ?
And yes,
we do not need a Women’s Day to grow our wings back. We need women who will stand by us and paint wings whenever we lose one. The only thing this society fears more than a woman is women who support each other.
Uncelebrate Women’s Day. We do not need a day, given as a freebie, to believe in ourselves. We already know how high we can fly.

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